About Intern Classified

A virtual marketplace connecting the countries freshest minds with the most innovative companies.

If you are a college or university student looking for a challenging companies to work for on your internship then look no further. internclassified.com is all you need to fulfill your college or university requirements on internship or practical training.

internclassified.com is a common platform for interns and companies to meet virtually. Interns can deposit their resumes for subsequent viewing from potential employers. Employers can register with internclassified.com through a simple process and we will do the rest.

internclassified.com is an innovative intern hiring marketplace serving young career professionals, interns and the companies that hire them. By transforming the resume into unique visual profiles that dynamically integrate video, images and social media, young candidates are able to provide employers with a deeper, more transparent presentation of their story. This online marketplace allows top talent to land positions at leading companies. And we are happy to facilitate this transition from your college or university environment to pre-employment environment. Good luck!